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Affordable electric three-wheeler set for Daytona launch

Arcimoto Inc. makers of affordable, practical, and joyful pure electric vehicles for everyday commuters and fleets,  announced that it will debut the Roadster Prototype at the 80th Annual Daytona Bike Week, the world’s largest motorcycle rally.

Affordable electric three-wheeler set for Daytona launch
For 80 years, Daytona Bike Week has been ruled by some of the most amazing bikes on the planet, almost all of them powered by fossil fuels. With the Roadster, Acrimoto will introduce Daytona to a completely new way of riding, a three-wheel thrill ride unlike anything else on the road today - a pure electric vehicle.

Designed to be the ultimate on-road fun machine, the Roadster is built on Arcimoto’s patented three-wheel, all-electric platform and features dual-motor front-wheel drive, instant torque, and a fully-connected seating stance. The Roadster seats and accessories are being developed by Corbin-Pacific, the leader in motorcycle seats and saddles, and will be hand-built in the USA using proprietary, purpose-built materials and patented manufacturing processes.